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CARETAKER WANTED by absentee an owner for a small Ranch/Farm in Pahrump, NV, near Las Vegas. Duties consist of light maintenance, keeping property secure and the landscaping, etc. alive and well. This is a non-compensated position, but there is a space available, including utilities, for your Mobile/Camper/Motor home. If you do not have your own, there are two small mobiles that could be made livable, with a little of your work. An opportunity for income exists for a handyman, Jack-of-all-Trades on other Pahrump rental properties, which the owner has. There are some chickens, etc. now and if you want to, you are welcome to expand them and/or do your own gardening or farming, etc. Your horses are OK, as there are three inactive pastures. For more information please contact xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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