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A UNIQUE CARETAKER POSITION IS AVAILABLE in the San Juan Islands, Washington. Center Island is a small island in San Juan County, Washington located inside Lopez Pass in the protected waters of Reads Bay. The island contains 175 lots of which about 120 are improved for camping or recreational residence use. There are approximately 12 year-round community members on the island. The community maintains an airstrip, docks, a water system, roadways, vehicles, a community clubhouse, a maintenance shop, and a private caretaker residence. Center Island seeks a caretaker couple to maintain and manage community property including buildings/facilities, airfield/lawns, roadways/ditches, vehicles/equipment, and docks. An ideal candidate will also be able to assist as a back-up operator for the island seawater RO water system. The compensation package includes a two-bedroom waterfront house, utilities, a negotiable monthly salary (depends on experience and assigned duty hours), and a transportation allowance. To apply for this position, please contact us via email at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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