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MUST LOVE MUD, SWEAT AND MANURE. Exciting spring activities are under way at Fried Pie Farm, an in-progress homestead in Carroll County, VA. A mother-son team looking for organic gardening and sustainable farming apprentices/caretakers on a lovely five acre off-grid nearly fossil fuel free operation. We are also establishing a bird, butterfly and bee refuge. You can learn purest gardening, orcharding, and farming techniques in harmony with natural and human well-being. We practice a low technology approach to holistic agriculture and country life, using a windmill, solar greenhouse, etc. We enjoy our own simple home-made entertainment (music-making, board games, and reading from the homestead library). You can learn creative and resourceful hand-construction techniques. Learn natural health and well-being practices from a clinical nutritionist and life coach, and wild crafting of edible plants and medicinal herbs. You would exchange five hours a day helping on projects for fruit, veggies and herbs from the farm, and minute-to-minute hands-on instruction. Must have your own transportation. We are substance free (no alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, coffee, nor white sugar) for optimal health. Please call xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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