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WE ARE LOOKING FOR A COUPLE (family/children are welcome) to manage a very large property with a creek, private lake, a horse, chickens, lots of lawn to mow, and fences to maintain. Located in the Fruitland, WA area, a very rural, peaceful area. The total property is 1,100 acres with a majority of the property left in its natural state, 300 acres is sharp chop wheat with a local farmer, and the rest is maintained by the Ranch Manager. Four houses (one large lodge and three smaller homes) to maintain including interior housekeeping and exterior maintenance. This also requires shopping to stock up on supplies for each home. Tractors, trucks, mowers, etc. to use and maintain. Experience in fixing equipment needed, creativity is a plus. Daily tasks include checking the property grounds, maintenance on equipment or if machines need to be fixed. Vegetable garden to be maintained, with 10 fruit trees as well. Experience with complex, multi box mobile station, and a domestic water system, would be a big plus. 10 acres are irrigated and watered from the surrounding lake. Knowledge of lawn care, weed control and fruit trees mandatory. Must have bookkeeping experience. Will be working with main office and sending reports monthly. Owners and family will make sporadic visits in which the property needs to be ready and cleaned afterwards. Looking for a highly experienced (in various fields) energetic couple who enjoy working outdoors. Only folks with excellent references and applicable experience, please. Salary, health insurance option, a separate two bedroom home, garage and large woodshed for the Manager all provided. Expenses included. Please send resumes/job history and references to


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