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SEEKING A UNIQUE SEASONAL CARETAKER. Center Island is a small private island in San Juan County, WA located inside Lopez Pass near Decatur Island in the protected waters of Reads Bay on Lopez Sound. The island is accessed by private ferry, boat, or plane. The island has a community owned runway and private docks. There are no commercial services on Center Island. Center Island seeks a seasonal caretaker to perform various day-to-day operation and maintenance tasks, maintain a security presence, and monitor the use of association property. The seasonal caretaker also assists other Association employees or contract staff assigned to manage the water system and maintain vehicles. The position is currently open to fill the early spring to fall 2019 need. The island contains a plat of 175 lots used as camping lots or with vacation homes. The community owns and manages community property including an airstrip, docks, a water system, roadways, vehicles, a community clubhouse, maintenance shop, and a private Caretaker's home. Primary duties of the seasonal caretaker involve maintaining and managing the use clubhouse and dock facilities, mowing, and assisting with other infrastructure maintenance as assigned. Compensation for this position is up to $1,500 per month plus housing, utilities, and some transportation allowance. The position provides a private Caretaker residence with basic furnishings near the community clubhouse and docks overlooking Reads Bay. For additional information or to apply for this position, please contact us at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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